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What is RealValue?

RealValue is an automated valuation model tool powered by Real Estate Analytics.

It instantly provides an objective and accurate sale or rental value of a property as a guide for general reference.

Going Beyond the Numbers

Going Beyond the Numbers

Factoring recent sales, market trends, and unit-specific details helps unveil insights in volatile property markets

AI-powered valuation

AI-powered valuation

RealValue values properties in APAC with 97% median accuracy, leveraging advanced machine learning and proprietary algorithm on comprehensive datasets

Gain with Valuable Insights

Gain with Valuable Insights

With property report, you gain not only the valuation but also insights that empower you to market it correctly with satisfying financial results

The science behind RealValue

Model Accuracy:


Intelligent Modelling



Advanced machine learning underpinned by an integration of sub-models to unveil deeper insights, fast and accurately



Over 40+ basic and advanced attributes, from unit-level to macro-economic level to capture dynamics and fluctuations of the market



Intelligently-tunned optimal weight & features and outlier detection & removal to minimize potential deviation

Reliable Database

Nation-wide coverage

Built on trusted residential & commercial data, collected from publicly available and other trusted third-party sources

Regularly updated

Refreshed and auto-checked daily to ensure relevance and timeliness

Flexible & Customizable

Easy to search

Simply enter your address and get free REALValue instantly. Our user-friendly service makes it easy to know your home value with just a few clicks

Full compatibility

Great compatibility with current workflows and process

RealValue serves as a guide for general reference. The information does not constitute an official appraisal and should not be regarded as a substitute for professional or expert advice. We are not responsible or liable for any claims, damages or losses whatsoever.

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